About Us

Our Mission:

The staff at ATLAS Elementary believes its purpose is to develop independent learners who foster academic excellence, personal responsibility, respect for others, engage in critical thinking and are drug-free. These skills will lead towards increased self-esteem and challenge ATLAS students to attain their greatest potential.

ATLAS, previously known as Saticoy School,  is a former "California Distinguished School" and winner of the "Nationally Recognized Drug-Free School" award. Our success stems from the synergistic relationships cultivated between the staff, parents and students; because of the leadership and professionalism of the staff, the support and guidance of the parents, and our wonderful students, ATLAS is truly an exceptional school.

We will continue as educational partners with our neighbor school, Penfield.  By joining our two campuses, we have provided unlimited opportunities for students with and without handicaps to play, grow, and learn from one another. Educationally, we know that integration experiences will make ATLAS students better children, adults, and employees of the future.

By visiting the Academy of Technology and Leadership at Saticoy, we believe you will agree that we have students who are excited about what they are doing, a staff that is dedicated to their profession and their students, and parents who are actively involved in their education.